Taco Soup

taco soup

Time for another recipe! This one, like most, I got from my momma (thank you!) Taco soup is a staple in our house, especially when fall and winter roll around. It’s basically turkey chili, just taco spices. So yummy, and the perfect weeknight or football Sunday meal. We usually eat this once a week and are left with plenty of leftovers.

taco soup ingredients


one pound of ground turkey

half to whole chopped onion

one can of tomato sauce (NOT paste)

one can diced tomatoes

two cans of pinto beans

one can black beans

one can or about two cups (frozen) corn

packet of taco seasoning

packet of ranch seasoning – we omit this all of the time and it’s still just as good!


Brown your ground turkey in a skillet and move to crockpot. Chop however much onion and add in. Drain and rinse all the beans, and throw those in with the diced tomatoes, sauce, and corn. (Drain corn if using from a can). Mix in your taco seasoning and ranch packets and there you have it! You can cook it on low for 4 hours or high for 2. Since the meat is cooked, you’re really just warming up the beans and letting the flavors come together. You can also cook this on the stove, but with a toddler and baby in the house the crockpot is my best friend.

taco soup

Try it out and let me know what you think! Also, send me over some of your favorite crock pot recipes, I’m always looking for more.

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