Knox’s 3 Month Update

Knox is three months old (actually almost four, whoops!) I cannot believe I just wrote that. I already knew time went fast, but I swear it’s going even faster this time around. He is still the best baby. He has the sweetest smile and hearing him laugh is the best sound ever. Big boy is still big. At his two month checkup in October, he was 24 inches long (95th percentile!) and 12 pounds. When I step on the scale with him now, it’s showing he’s about 15 pounds. And he’s in 6 month clothes! Pretty sure he’ll be bigger than Natalie in no time.

He’s is still a really good sleeper. We usually put him to bed around 9, he wakes up around 3-5 then he’s back down until around 7:30/8. We had a rough week last week, he was up like four times a night. I’m guessing a growth spurt or some sore gums. But we’re getting back to normal. During the day things are a little different. He is starting to have a schedule as far as naps. He usually naps every two-ish hours. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the day. But the length of his naps is so sporadic. They can range anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours.

Speaking of sore gums, this kid is teething like crazy. I mean all the drool, on everything. He goes through 3 bibs and two outfits a day because of it. That’s enough of that because I’m being the weird mom talking about my kids bodily fluids.

He started rolling over from his stomach to his back around 9 weeks and as of last week he’s rolling from back to stomach too! Every time he looks in the mirror he cracks up, especially if you tell him he’s handsome. He has the sweetest belly laugh when you tickle him, and he’s ticklish everywhere. I’m stuck between being so excited to see him grow and learn new things, and wanting him to stay a little baby forever. Obsessed with him either way.

We all love you so much Knoxie!

Until next time,