December Bucket List

our christmas card picture from last year! 

It was so fun making a bucket list for fall, I figured we could put one together for December! It’s such a busy month, I feel like it’s so easy to let the stress get to you. Even the good stress. Whenever people ask how we’re doing I say “busy” with a sigh. True, we are busy, however we’re choosing to be, and all the things that are making us busy are fun and exciting. So I’m working on being more positive about it!

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox. On to the fun activities planned for December.

  1. Date night downtown – Every year I make Robert take me downtown Seattle at Christmas time with all of the lights and decorations. We love trying new restaurants so tell me your favorite!
  2. Snowflake Lane – In Bellevue they do an amazing parade during Christmas time with performers and marching bands, AND they make it snow. Definitely taking the kids this year!
  3. Spend a day up in the snow – This one might not be so hard since it starting snowing here in November, but I want to take a little day trip up to the mountains for some sledding and snowmans
  4. Christmas Cards – We do Christmas cards every year and my goal is to have them actually sent out early this year.
  5. Ice Skating – I’m taking Rob on a little date to the local ice skating rink. Neither of us have been, so that has to end up in some kind of trouble. He’s so good at roller skating, I’m sure he’ll be a natural. But me.. not so much lol
  6. Neighbor & Coworker gifts – I always send my leftover or excess baked goodies to work with Robert and they love it so much so this year I want to put together some little homemade gifts for his buddies. And our neighbors!
  7. Make gingerbread houses – Pretty self explanatory, I’m sure Natalie will love decorating her own little house
  8. Leavenworth – A yearly tradition! I think this year we’re going to wait and go the week between Christmas and New Years. The Christmas decorations will still be up, but hopefully less of a crowd.
  9. Hobby Lobby – still haven’t been… I think I’m too intimidated
  10. Advent Calendar – I did one of these last year for Natalie and she wasn’t quite old enough to understand and get excited. This year already has been so much fun. I’m doing different things from little gifts, crafts, candy. Just things to get her excited for Christmas!
  11. Tree Hunting – We already did this! I like to get mine asap so I can have it for the whole month.

(also really want to see bad moms christmas, volunteer yourself for a date please)

That’s our December! Merry Christmas season everyone 🙂